Application Process

Students are encouraged to download and return applications as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed and interviews scheduled on a case-by case basis. This process can take 1-2 weeks depending on the information required. Students who are accepted after the start of the year will be scheduled to begin at the start of the next quarter or semester.

Students from alternative programs in the CCSD such as DJLC or TPA are not eligible for admission until they are restored to their home schools. Students moving into the district will only be considered after receiving complete attendance, discipline, and academic records from their previous schools. All students must be enrolled in a CCSD high school.

The application is designed to make it easy to apply to Clark. Use the links below to download the application in the format that is easiest for you. You can return the application by mail, fax, or as an e-mail attachment to

Application is available online!
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2019-2020 Student Application

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The Program Director reviews all applications and schedules interviews when a candidate meets the program criteria and an opening is available. During the interview, the Program Director and a committee of faculty and staff reviews the program's distinctive features and what differentiates Clark from other schools and programs. The interview also involves a review of the information included on the application and several questions for the students and his/her family members.

Generally, students are notified about acceptance within days of the interview. Students who are not accepted are eligible to reapply after completing at least one semester at another school/program.