Cell Phone Policy 2016-2017

SCA Cell Phone Policy (effective November 28. 2016)
Click here to view written notification sent November 16th: Cell Phone Letter

Each year, the administration and staff at Septima P Clark Academy, SCA, work hard to ensure out students have a safe and orderly school where they can grow, mature, and learn daily. Over the past several months, our administration has worked hard to make SCA the very best alternative education for our students to learn and prosper. During this same time, many of our students have failed to meet our expectations for acceptable cell phone use. We are noticing a decrease in achievement and an increase in students disrupting classes and being disrespectful to faculty, staff, and each other in an effort to utilize their cell phones. To insure all students receive the quality education they deserve, SCA has developed a new cell phone policy. A copy of the policy is listed below. Please understand that SCA will continue to celebrate the many students who continue to go above and beyond both academically and behaviorally.

Important Facts to Note:

- Students' use of cell phones has increased dramatically
- This is an effort to increase student achievement while decreasing student misbehavior.
Students will no longer be allowed to use their phones while on school campus.

Cell Phone Usage Policy:
At the beginning of 1st block, the student will place their cell phone in their assigned envelope.
- An administrator/SCS will collect the envelope.
- The assigned envelope will be locked in a secure locker until the end of 5th block.
- At the end of 5th block, the students' envelope will be delivered to their teacher for distribution.

Consequences for Failure to Comply:
If a student fails to turn in their cell phone,
1st Offense: the phone will be confiscated until a parent can come to the school to sign for the phone.
2nd Offense: the phone will be confiscated until the end of the school year. 

What Can Parents/Guardians Do:
- Please encourage your student to make correct decisions when it is time to turn in his or her cell phone.
- Please explain to your student why this is important for his or her education.
- Please reinforce the other school expectations:
- Students must be in proper uniform, to include their ID badge. Please refer to the student handbook for specifics.
- Students must be on time to class with paper, pencil, and books. 
- Students must be respectful of faculty, staff, and other students.

Educating our children requires the school and our families to work as one. SCA looks forward to working with you as we continue to educate out students on how to be successful in and out of the classroom.